A intimate hideaway and sequestered place enveloped by boundless nature,  home to the Academy of Max Calderan and dedicated exclusively to your integrative wellness journey and retreats.

Retreats & Pathways

Garnia is dedicated to your personalised wellness journey, be it one-to-one or as part of a retreat. A beautifully restored country home enveloped by boundless nature, featuring space for exclusive groups of up to 10 participants, located at only 15 min walk from the main villa Montedomini, our spa and the restaurant.

Women contemplating the wild Tuscan countryside at garni di Montedomini in Tuscany

Max Calderan Method

An integrative part of the Max Calderan Method are a selection of scientific analysis and tests that are chosen according to the needs of the individual and the goals set.  A team of professionals, such as nutritionist, physiotherapist, athletic trainer and medical specialists, is there to provide guidance and create your personal path to health and wellbeing following the emerged findings.

Primitive Action

Primitive Action creates the opportunity to get back in touch with one’s deepest self. As part of a group or one-to-one, join Max Calderan at Garnia and rediscover who you really are. Learn how to use your body, instinct and mind correctly, allowing your own potential to emerge without external motivational forcing but in a spontaneous and natural way.

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