Our greatest joy is being able to share this remote corner of Tuscany with friends and guests who, like us, appreciate and yarn for pristine and wild open spaces while preserving the natural environment and optioning well-being. 

It’s the story of a sustainable farm-to-plate food journey that celebrates fresh, seasonal produce and regional highlights, and the story of reconnecting with nature in meaningful ways. 

The story of integrative wellness that extends beyond conventional treatments, proposing highly personalized paths for lasting results that embrace a lifestyle and way of thinking which blends science, health, nature, movement and a conscious attitude towards one’s body and the environment; harmoniously combining the best of modern epigenetic science, nutrition, traditional medicine and natural remedies. 

It’s the story of discovery, of shifting one’s perspective and of touching the earth lightly and stepping into a more sustainable future. 

The breathtaking landscapes that surround us form the perfect backdrop for the stillness our guests seek and we are dedicated to creating an exclusive sanctuary that inspires a soul-restoring sense of calm. 

With limited guest numbers, unspoiled nature and warm-hearted hospitality we aspire for our guests to leave Montedomini feeling transformed  – with body, mind and soul soothed by meaningful connections with loved ones, themselves and nature. 

Discover more about our forests and its wildlife.